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Welcome to Morecambe and More, the website that celebrates all that our seaside town and the surrounding area has to offer.


Started in 2020, we believed that there was enough doom and gloom across the internet and felt the need to start finding the positives in life. With this in mind, Morecambe and More has always been about showcasing the best of the bay, from it's community, to it's visitors, if you look hard enough you will find that Morecambe is a wonderful place to call home. 

Working with the community, local organisations and independent businesses, we aim to bring you the best the area has to offer. 

Running this site from the make shift office from under the stairs, we are always happy to hear from others with their stories, videos, images or comments about the area. So if you would like to send us anything, drop us an email at

Morecambe Venus and Cupid