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Beauty Surrounds, Health Abounds.

- Morecambe's Town Motto 

A note from the owner

Well hello and welcome to the BRAND NEW and improved Morecambe and More. Over the past year or so, I have been asked the question, what is, or who is, Morecambe and More and whilst there is no end point to our story yet, I thought it best to introduce the start of our growing journey.


It all began with a laptop.


My name is Emily Ward and back in March 2020, I was on my way to starting a new position, which I had hoped would be the start of a wonderful new career. Check out that date again, March 2020, I think we can all imagine how that went! So after several attempts to find work, I decided to give my CV a break and concentrated on my hobby of writing.


After being gifted a new laptop as an early birthday present and in-between home schooling and holding onto my sanity, I focused on continuing my "novel". That was, until an opportunity came about to guest write for a local website. Loving the promenade sunsets and the stories told to me by my mum, who had grown up in Morecambe, I chose the town as the topic of my piece.


It was a much loved article across social media and it inspired me to keep it going with my own blog. Thus the birth of Morecambe and More. The more time I spent writing for the blog, the more I fell in love with the town. There were so many stories of ambition, achievement and success, that I realised, there was more to my hometown than the sunning views across the bay.


I then decided I didn't want to simply write about the town any more, I wanted to be involved and showcase all the incredible things the town has to offer. I converted to a website in February 2021, because I wanted the platform to be more versatile and have the ability to feature more than a few interesting blogs. I hope that the more others can engage, the more interest and potentially pride, individuals would have in our little town by the sea.


I host quizzes, competitions and at one point even organized a book exchange throughout Morecambe and Lancaster, providing an incredible community of readers with something to keep them busy during lockdown. Whilst the main focal point of the website is Morecambe, the More aspect of the title is to embrace the idea that there is more to the town than what you see and with this platform, that is what I am hoping to do.


Things may seem a little quiet across the site at the moment, in October 2021, I enrolled in University, to expand my knowledge of Business and Marketing with the aim of eventually providing business and marketing advise and assistance to small local companies, who make Morecambe what it is. So please bear with me as I juggle the website, family life , uni work, whilst still assisting organisations with their marketing assistance needs, it is proving rather a handful. I promise to try and keep the page updated where possible (make sure you are following us on social media too as I do tend to be a bit more up to date on there).


In the mean time, we still have the amazing gluten free articles from our regular blogger Naomi, who joined me in August 2021 and provides the website with delicious recipes and an insight to what it is like living with a food intolerance as a family. If you haven't checked it out yet, click on her Bite of the Bay tab at the top of the page, she really is a wonderful writer.


As mentioned above, I am still offering my online services to small local businesses and organisations. I have worked with several local companies to help produce online content, from social media posts, blogs and even marketing materials such as poster designs etc. Working with the incredible team at Good Things Collective, I have also been helping artists and creative people get online with their own websites, so if you have no idea where to start or social media has you a bit puzzled, feel free to get in touch.


I am always looking for people to contribute to the website. After all, this website is for the community, the visitors and all that is Morecambe, so if you would like to contribute, I am always happy to feature a guest blog, incredible local images, events and well...so much more.


I would like to thank you as a follower for not only wading through this very insightful story of how we began, but the continuous support for the website and helping me to Love Our Town Again.


Best wishes





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Emily Ward 

Owner, Editor, Social Media Manager, Content Creator

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Whether it's business advertising, a local event or something to add to the site, contact our website owner Emily Ward who will be happy to help!

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Naomi Fearnley-Jones

Bite Of The Bay - Regular Blogger

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If you would like to reach our wonderful regular blogger, regarding any recipes tips and tricks, email her at biteofthebaynaomisnotes@gmail.com