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Bay Volunteers - Helping the Community

Are you looking to expand your volunteering? Or perhaps you need help with daily activities due to illness? Even if you just need a listening ear and a chat over a cup of tea, the Bay Volunteers are here to help you in your local area!

Who are The Bay Volunteers?

Started in response to the pandemic, Bay Volunteers is a community-led service which supports the needs of people and communities across the Lancaster District, especially those who are elderly, vulnerable, isolated and/or housebound. We work with many partners, including Lancaster City Council, Lancaster District Community Hub, Lancaster District CVS, Lancaster and Bay Integrated Care Communities, Lancaster University Students' Union, and many others, to bring support to those in our community who need it.

What do the Bay Volunteers Do?

As part of Bay Volunteers, volunteers can sign up and pick which tasks they would like to do, when they do them and how much they want to volunteer. The tasks that we receive, which our volunteers take up, mainly include either: shopping for/with someone, collecting and delivering post/parcels, collecting and delivering prescriptions, a listening call/walk, patient transport and/or digital support.

How can you contact the Bay Volunteers?

If you want to volunteer, you can sign up here: Bay Volunteer Registration.

If you need a helping hand, you can ask for help here: Request Help.

They also have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for you to see all their incredible work.

No matter what situation you are in, there is help for those who need it.

If you have a local community group, class or organisation you would like to showcase, contact us online and we will help spread the word.

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