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Friday Photo: A Time To Reflect

Credit: Ashleigh Jade

It has been a difficult few years for many. With the restrictions now being something of a memory, it is a great chance to reflect on the great challenges we have all faced.

The pandemic may be over, but there are still many issues still very paramount in the world which are affecting us all. There are families being torn apart in Ukraine, the world is being scrutinised over its carbon footprint and an energy crisis is affecting many across the country and these are just a few of the world's problems.

It isn't always easy, but when the world feels quite gloomy, take some time out. Sit back and breathe. Look for the beauty in the world. Look for the beauty in life. Look for the beauty you give. It may not always be obvious, but it will be there...somewhere.

If you are finding it difficult to find beauty. Take a stroll down Morecambe's Promenade. No headphones, no phone, no distractions. Even in the rain, the bay can be a magnificent place to take time out from the busy aspects of life and appreciate the incredible features the earth has to offer.

This image sent in by Ashleigh from Instagram captures this perfectly. The puddle of water from a bout of rain reflects the colourful image of the mural at Sandylands Promenade and the bright blue sky. Ashleigh is a talented photographer and if you aren't following her online, we thoroughly advise you do. Her eye for imagery captures some wonderful photos. Check out her Instagram here.

If you would like an image showcased on our site, email us at to guarantee to see them featured on our blogs and gallery.


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