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Friday Photo is Back - With a Theme!

Well, it may be a little late, but due to technical issues, our social media pages haven't been working correctly, so Happy New Year! Is it bad luck when it's closer to February than December? Feel free to ignore if so! Anyway, with the start of a new year (albeit a little late), we are bringing back Friday Photo due to several requests in private messages.

A New Year for Morecambe and More

2022 was a bit hectic, our personal lives took a dramatic change, which took a bit of adjusting and we were sad that the website became a victim of neglect. Despite many challenges the year brought we are looking forward to 2023 and have many new goals set this year for Morecambe and More. We aim to bring you more blogs about the area, updates on exciting developments (we will hold off on reporting on the recent Eden Project celebrations as we know local pages are already doing a fantastic job of that), and so much more.

As always we do ask for patience in this as there are only so many hours in the day, and due to other commitments, including balancing full time employment and playing taxi to football matches and other activities throughout the week, the website may not always get the full attention it deserves. However, as we always do, we welcome any participation from our thousands of followers and invite you to get involved with Morecambe and More.

If you have a story you would like to share on our Morecambe News page, drop us an email. We aim to check the inbox several times a week to share as many news or stories as possible. The more information you can send us across, the quicker and easier it is for us to get it out and don't forget to include any images. So, whether you would like to celebrate the achievements of a family member, an experience of a local event or sing the praises of a local service, let us know!

The Return of Friday Photo

To start the year off nice and easy, and after many requests in our direct messages, we are returning an old favourite; Friday Photo. This feature gives an opportunity to share any local images you may have, which we often pair with little details about the town. We have recieved hundreds of photos of Morecambe and the surrounding area over the last 2 years and we love looking through them to choose one to highlight.

In light of recent news, for our first Friday Photo of 2023, we are asking for a specific theme of images this week - Archived Photos.

Morecambe has seen a variety of attractions and developments for many decades. Although the town is relatively new to the local history, there has been many big events which forever remain as part of the culture of the town. So this week we are asking you to dig into those archived photos and send us those images which feature our local area. Whether you have images of a visit to Morecambe from the 60s, or street parties from the 80s, we'd love to see them to remember the various appearances Morecambe has taken.

Send Us Your Old Photos of Morecambe

Image Credit: Paula Clark - The Kids of Ousby Road - 1976

To submit a photo of Morecambe from your collections, you can email us, or direct message us through our various social media platforms. We ask that if you have an image to add to the website, you send it to us directly. Although we love getting tagged in your Instagram pictures and Facebook posts, we are never always sure if these were meant for uploading to our site or to gain visibility, and we don't always have time to follow up on all the hundreds of tags we get within a week. So if you are offering an image of Morecambe or surrounding areas for our friday photo feature, send it to us directly. This can be done through LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or email, whichever is easier.

We can't wait to see your images!

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