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Friday Photo: Morecambe's Oldest Resident

Credit: Nicola Procter

Morecambe Bay and All Her Moods

This image was sent in by one of our wonderful followers Nicola Procter.

Morecambe Bay is the largest area covered by intertidal mudflats and sand in the United Kingdom. It has an extensive history of sorrow due to its fast-changing nature and quicksand, making a name for itself, with some, as the UK's most dangerous beach.

However, much like many of mother nature's creations, with respect and due care, Morecambe's beaches can be a thing of beauty and at times tranquillity. Although not often, catching the bay on a peaceful day and you would be inclined to describe her as a millpond. These days make a walk down the promenade a peaceful and calming venture.

More often though, she is a very active beast, whose hobbies include bashing the sea walls and making her escape onto the paved walkway stretching along her coast. Whilst wet and windy is usually an excuse to cosy up at home, if you are brave enough (and it is safe enough) a visit to the promenade can be an exciting scene. Many times we have taken to the shore and watched the great waves coming over the railings, often showering us with spray and the cold water of the Irish sea in high tides.

Morecambe bay certainly has her own collection of personalities and it is a beauty to find her with a different character from one day to the next. Let us know your favourite personality and send us images of her various moods. You can find our details on our contact page or email them directly at

Thank you Nicola for this incredible image of Morecambe's moody bay!

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