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Friday Photo: St Peter's Church Heysham

This week we were in abundance of images sent by our followers. It is great to see so many taking pleasure in our beautiful seaside town. However, this week's image, sent in by Michele Holden is not quite of Morecambe but taken from the neighbouring village of Heysham.

St Peters church in Heysham near Morecambe
This week's Friday Photo was sent in by Michele Holden

St Peter's Church with Anglo-Saxon Connections

Whilst as a town, Morecambe is relatively new on the block, the surrounding villages and towns have been around since the age of Vikings. St Peter's church may look well, but the building, much like surrounding ruins, is believed to be dated back to as early as the 8th Century.

However, the re-builds and stabilising of the building can officially be dated to at least the 14th Century. Over the years, the church has been added to and rebuilt, which explains why the window design are of various shapes and styles.

History of St Peter's Church

Whilst the specific history of the church is unknown. There has been many documentation referring to the religious building over the years. During restoration work in 1864, a chalice was discovered in a stone coffin outside the church, and the chalice is now on display inside.

You are able to visit the historic building to find out more during regular service hours which can be found on the Parish website. However for more information on the history of the building, there is an informative plaque on the path running up to Heysham Barrows. Alternatively, there is more information online at the below websites:

Send us your local images of Morecambe Heysham and Lancaster

Each week we intend to showcase an image sent to us by the community. Any images we get sent will be uploaded to our local photo and video galleries. One of which we will pick as the Friday Photo of the week.

Images can be of anything you would like us to share or anything that makes you proud. Perhaps you have a relative that has made a milestone anniversary you would like to give a special mention, someone in your family has achieved something fantastic, or a beautiful image you took locally. Whatever image makes you smile we would like to see it!

This website was set up to spread positivity, so if your image made you smile, we are sure it will make others do the same. You can contact us online, or feel free to send them to any of our social media pages such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. Lets spread the positivity together!


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