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Friday Photo: The Sunsets Season is Back!

This week's Friday Photo was sent in via Instagram, from Shannon (@shannibabe95). Thank you for this wonderful sunset.

We have never hidden our adoration for the beautiful sunsets of the bay, in winter they are usually so early, that we often don't get chance to catch them. However with the sun setting after 5pm at this time of year, it is the season of capturing those colours across the horizon once again.

Each sunset brings a new beauty to the evening sky. The town is drowned by a golden glow, that reminds us of long summers and splashing in the sea. The fact that we have so many local hospitality businesses along the stretch of the promenade, means you are never too far away from somewhere to sit back and bask in the stunning views each night.

We feel we may have asked this question before, but let us know, do you have a favourite place to enjoy the sunset from? Perhaps you are lucky enough to live on the prom, or maybe you enjoy it from the comfort of the Midland Hotel? If you have captured your own sunsets, you can send them in to us across any of our platforms.

Written by Emily Ward

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