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Friday Photo: Lancaster Skyline

Lancaster Skyline Sunset
Lancaster Skyline Sunset - Credit: Alex Parker @apcapture_uk (Insta)

This week's photo was sent in by Alex Parker who runs a beautiful Instagram page that we fully suggest you don't hesitate to follow.

Whilst we are a huge advocate for the Morecambe sunsets, we can't help but love this image of Lancaster's skyline. The colours which reflect incredibly in the water are something else.

Of course our first love is Morecambe, but Lancaster and all it's amazing history lays very close to our hearts. Morecambe is fairly new in regards to the surrounding towns, so if ever we feel like a delve into the past, we love a trip around the town to each of the thought provoking, places of local interests we have listed below;

  • Lancaster Castle

  • Judges Lodgings

  • Maritime Museum

  • Lancaster Museum

However if the past isn't quite your cup of tea, then there are some breath taking local view points. There are many places across the town some where you can even see all the way to Heysham Power Station and the beautiful horizon it features in. Perfect to capture photos and videos of Morecambe and Lancaster .

Some of our favourites are;

  • Corner of Williamson's Park (to the left of the Ashton Memorial and cafe)

  • Lancaster Priory

  • Millennium Bridge

  • Greaves Park

So next time you are visiting Lancaster, make sure you take in the views and the in depth history whilst you can, you may be surprised what you may find out.

If you have an image you would like to share, with potential to be showcased as the week's Friday Photo then drop us an email at

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