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Morecambe: A Note From a Resident

Morecambe, like many seaside towns, often gets a bad press. And I have

been guilty of the odd negative comment myself. The town centre needs a

radical overhaul and this will surely happen if, as looks likely, the

Eden Project goes ahead. The town will be transformed.

Image from Christine Parker

However, the elements of Morecambe that I am drawn to are the seafront,

the sunsets and the bird life. I am not a "birder" but have fallen in

love with oystercatchers; huge groups of noisy, monochrome birds, with a

rather ridiculous orange beak, reminiscent of the carrots used to give

snowmen a more human look! I am a keen landscape photographer and a

sucker for a sunset, but am often distracted by the oystercatchers -

they make stunning patterns when they are clustered together; and when

they take to the skies en masse, it is a beautiful sight and sound.

Image from Christine Parker

The Morecambe sunsets are deservedly famous; walking from one end of the

promenade to the other is easy exercise and if the tide is in, then the

sunsets and the birdlife and the fish and chips make for a fantastic

evening stroll. The prom is great for cyclists and joggers too. And the

sea air will give you a good nights' sleep.

Image from Christine Parker

What's not to like? Well, when the weather is bad - and we are in the

North West so it is often bad - Morecambe can be as wild and woolly as

any other coastal resort. But if the tide is high and the wind is

blowing, then the crashing waves can be awesome. And while the wind is

whipping off the Irish sea, it can also blow away the rain clouds.

Written by Christine Parker

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