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Morecambe and More is Looking for Writers

Have you got a few hours to spare in the week? In the month? Morecambe and more is looking for some keen individuals who would like to see their writing showcased online.

Due to ongoing new commitments, time to spare to fill the website with incredible images and write-ups is a struggle. However, being such an avid supporter of the town, we understand there are many talented and creative individuals who would be a real asset to our mission of positivity.

This site was built on the search for positivity in a time when things were dark. Even back then, there was so much to showcase and explore, which has led to some incredible connections. Now that the pandemic is slowly hiding amongst the horizon of other crises, we believe there are still some incredible uncovered gems hidden in Morecambe.

Want to Write about Morecambe?

No? That's ok too, the idea is that this is a local platform for showcasing anything and everything. Whether it's an article about a talented individual (Such as local stuntmen or Dojang Master, which we have interviewed in the past) or you found a small piece of tranquillity which inspired you for a romantical description of the bay.

There is only one rule when it comes to Morecambe and More... Positivity. We try to avoid controversial issues (they create too much negative energy), but if it is a subject which is a strong issue with locals then feel free to let us know about it, as long as there is no naming and shaming and offers a reasonable point of view, we don't mind helping to raise the profile of a situation.

How to Write a Blog for Morecambe and More

Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, how ever you prefer to create your works, we can ensure they get uploaded and credited to you, whilst offering a slice of Morecambe's incredible talent.

For any digital documents, you can send them to Any pen and paper works can be collected by our website owner Emily, simply drop us a message or an email and we will arrange collection.

We also have a gallery filled with local images, so if words are not your friend, but you can capture the beauty with the click of a lens, feel free to also email them in and we can add them to our growing collection of images of Morecambe and surrounding areas.

Find Morecambe and More on Social Media

Not a writer but curious about any upcoming pieces, make sure you are following us on social media. Every one of articles is showcased across most of our platforms. Follow us on the following;






For any questions, queries or for more information, you can contact us online, or drop us a quick call to see how we can help!

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